Health Agreement

Below is our health agreement. Please review this prior to placing a deposit for your selected puppy. By using the attached PayPal button at the bottom of the agreement, you're acknowledging  your acceptance of the terms set forth, and are bound to the agreement.

  Your deposit is binding and non-refundable. While you have 72 hours to change your mind about the purchase, you will not receive a refund of  any portion of your deposit. After 72 hours, this agreement is binding and failure to meet its terms will allow the seller (BarMor Puppies) to take  certain recourse for full payment, plus any and all fees involved. In addition, the following terms and conditions apply:


  Balance is due in cash at pick up/delivery.



  Your Puppy will receive a veterinarian check between 6-7 weeks of age. You will receive a medical record with all vaccinations and wormings  given prior to delivery. All puppies are guaranteed to be free of communicable diseases up to 72 hours after delivery. The purchaser must have  the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours from date of delivery. Failure to do so will void any and all guarantees presented in  this agreement.

  Seller accepts no responsibility for any communicable diseases after 72 hours, and will not cover for Parvovirus after time of pickup/delivery. If a life threatening health problem is noted during your vet examination, seller must receive a written statement and copy of vet records from buyer’s veterinarian within 3 days from the date of examination. Upon verification of stated health issue by seller’s veterinarian, the puppy must be returned to seller unless other arrangements are agreed to by seller. This puppy comes with a replacement guarantee only in case of death from any hereditary genetic disorder, not including cancer, as it is not hereditary. A necropsy must be done by the buyer for any death (natural or euthanized)  up to 6 months old. Once our veterinarian reviews your vet’s findings and the pathology report. When available, you will be provided with another puppy of the same gender, and same breed. Should the puppy be returned to the seller, all expenses for its return are the responsibility of the buyer.

  At no time, in any part of this agreement do we guarantee against conditions brought on by environmental changes, stress or exposure to adverse  conditions that we cannot control once the puppy leaves our care. If the puppy shows no signs or symptoms of a problem prior to  delivery, we do  not and cannot treat them. Therefore, we do not guarantee against Provovirus, Hypoglycemia, Coccidiosis, Giardia, Parasites  (Internal or external), Viral, Bacterial or Fungal Infections, Allergies or Ear Mites after delivery. Buyer agrees the following defects are not life threatening and therefore are not covered under this contract: umbilical and inguinal hernias, un-descended testicles, uneven bite, luxating  patellas, cateracts, or Innocent heart murmurs. Buyer also understands that cocker spaniels, schnauzers and poodles do have hereditary diseases. Because this is a hybrid it does not preclude your dog from having hereditary diseases. For example cataracts, luxating patella’s, hip dysplasia, allergies, cherry eye, and other issues, and you agree these are not life threatening issues



  We do not give any guarantee for adult size, color changes, coat texture, shedding or hypo allergenic properties. The buyer agrees to never release the puppy/dog to any animal shelter, dog pound, animal rescue or research facility. It is further understood that any circumstances, situations,  disputes arising which are not covered within this agreement shall be remedied at the discretion of the breeder and the breeder’s decision shall be  final and binding. This agreement is non-transferable. It is only in effect for the original purchaser whose name is recorded in our sales records.



  We do not train your puppy for you. If you do not have the time and desire to train and bond with your new family member (puppy), than you  should NOT buy a pup from us. Training your pup is important to the puppy and will increase the bond between you. If you are a first time puppy  owner, please be aware of "normal" puppy behaviors such as chewing, nipping, jumping, running, barking or periods of high energy as these should never be considered a fault. With maturity of the dog, proper training, patience, and commitment from you, these undesirable behaviors will  soon pass with proper training and you will have your perfect family companion! The temperament of your puppy is based on the amount of time  you reserve for your dog and its development and socialization. Puppy kindergarten/obedience classes are recommended for all puppies.  All puppies leaving BarMor’s have been socialized and are friendly. It is up to you to train your puppy from the moment you get them.


Your Responsibility

  The purchaser will maintain the puppy, in good condition, according to veterinarian recommendations, and will be spay/neuter on or before its 6  month birthday. Please do your due diligence in making an informed decision when you purchase a puppy. NOTE: BarMor’s Puppies breeds

 healthy parent dogs with no known hereditary diseases. This does not mean that our dogs are not carriers of any hereditary issues. Unfortunately,  there are currently no known tests available that can provide us with that information, however all our males and most females are DNA tested for  PRA-prcd .

ID Chips

  Every puppy that leaves Barmor Puppies comes with a prepaid micro ID chip. These chips are simple to register and you will be instructed in how to do so at pickup. We provide these chips to ensure that if your puppy ever gets lost, it can be returned to you quickly, when found. You have 10 days after the pickup of your puppy to register your ID chip, and this will be verified through AKC Reunite, If you do not register your puppy by the end of the 10th day, this contract is void. In the event your puppy is lost, Barmor Puppies will receive the call due to the fact we are still the registered owner of the dog. We will claim the dog, and you will lose your rights to the dog due to violation of this agreement.

  Deposits are non-refundable unless your chosen puppy fails our vet check. You will be notified if any unusual problems occur. If you accept a  puppy that has a non-life threatening issue, you are responsible for any costs associated with the care of the puppy. Pay-Pal fees are non-refundable.


  If at anytime the buyer is unable to keep the dog, you may, at your expense, return the dog along with all papers (Medical Records) to the seller, to be delivered directly to the seller. The buyer agrees that they will not be reimbursed in anyway for returning a dog to us and seller will not be obligated in anyway.

  By using any "Buy Now" button to place a deposit on our purchase page, you confirm that you have read this contract in full and agree to accept its terms  in full. The buyer also waives all rights to file any legal claims against Daryl Barrett and Barmor Puppies. This agreement also states that the purchaser agrees to pay list price of $1650 for their puppy.


Daryl Barrett/BarMor Puppies

Geneva,NY 14456