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General Information

Congratulations on the adoption of your new puppy from BarMor's! Welcome to the family! We'd like to pass along some general information and training tips prior to you picking up your newest addition. Please take the time to read the following pages, as it will make the transition to your home much easier for you and your new puppy, as well as answer some questions you may have regarding your purchase.

Our NY location:

2461 State Route 14n

Geneva, NY 14456

We are located 2.6 miles south, directly off exit 42 on the NYS Thruway

If coming from the north or south, use State Route 14.

Note: Bathroom facilities are not available for use.

Vet Check

Please be sure to schedule a vet visit for your puppy within 72 hours of leaving our care. I will provide all the necessary medical information for you to take with you so your vet will know what we have done prior to his/her departure.


Puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6 weeks of age for roundworms with Safeguard. They are also given Baycox for Coccidia. I do the best I can so no puppy goes home with any parasites in their stools however it does happen occasionally.


Sometimes the stress of going to a new home, changes in environment, and traveling can result in the appearance of parasites and infections. Sometimes a puppy can shed dead parasites days after being treated for them and some vets will treat for the parasites again.  Your Health Warranty does not cover any type of internal parasites as these are common in puppies and easily treated for.  


All puppies will come with a complementary micro ID chip from AKC Reunite. please use the link on the right to register your dog. You will need to provide them with the chip number, your address, and phone number for successful registration.


Chipping has become the most common way to track down owners of lost pets without subjecting your dog to time spent in harsh dog pound environments, or even being adopted out to other families if the owner cannot find them.

Health Insurance

BarMor's strongly suggests obtaining pet health insurance for your cockapoo or schnoodle puppy. Should any illness, hereditary/congenital issues arise after the warranty period has expired, your pet will be covered by the insurance

While we do not suggest any specific companies, we offer 30 day free trials from Trupanion, these are only free to customers out of NY State as NY will not let us offer this to in state customers.


Crate:   Your puppy will need a crate. This will be his safe place. It will also help you in training your puppy. A crate for a 20-25 lb dog should be big enough.


Comb:  You will need a metal fine/medium tooth comb for grooming your puppy. The comb is the easiest way to make certain you have gotten all tangles out of his coat.

Brush:   Soft pin brushes work the best.

Collar/Leash:   4-6", or a cat collar that has a little stretch.

Food dish:   Stainless steel dishes work best as they are non-porous and easily cleaned.

Food:   We feed, and recommend Purina Pro-Plan Sport 30/20 for all life stages.  


Bedding:   You can use towels, blankets, or buy bedding designed for dog crates only after he is house trained.


Toys:   Toys and chew toys/bones. Make certain to give your puppy plenty of acceptable items for him to play and chew on. This will help keep them out of mischief.


Puppy-proof:   Make certain to puppy proof your home BEFORE your puppy comes home.

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