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We loved our first BarMor puppy so much, we went back for another one. Shown in this photo is Murphy (black/white cockapoo 6/2014) and our newest addition is Riley (white cockapoo 7/2016.) We love them both! When we considered a second dog, we knew better than to mess with success, so back to BarMor's we went. Riley was the last of the litter to be chosen, but he was just waiting for us! - Horan Family 

We love Oliver! He just turned a year old in Oct. He's from Minfa/Stanley. He doesn't eat from the table but he likes to try. Our first smaller dog and we couldn't be happier! - The Law Family 

 I wanted to give you a quick update on Wilson, our brown cockapoo born in July 2015, we adopted him from you in September.  He is just the best little dog, so loyal, cuddly, extremely well behaved just so cute!  Recently we had our engagement pictures taken and of course he was a big part of them - Kirkman Family 

Bailey is 17 months old. He is 13 lbs of pure joy. He is funny, active and a great companion. My husband and I adore him. Thank you for giving us the perfect puppy - March Family 

Charlie is 5 years old today and by far the best dog we have ever had. Dunkin is doing awesome in his 1st 4 days with us. Thanks for all you do to get these pups ready for their new homes. I recommend you to everyone!!! - Schoepflin Family 

It's been a while since I last sent you an update on our boy Mack.  He turned 6 in August which is hard to believe.  People still think he's just a puppy.  He is so easy going.  He'll cuddle all day if you want him to, or he's up to go on a hike and run around in the yard with us. He's so calm and lets both girls "pet" him and give hugs and kisses.  We have friends that are always asking where he came from and I ALWAYS send them your way with the highest of recommendations.  

The Krull Family 

What an amazing adventure it has been since the day we picked up both Lucy and Blaise from you.  There is not enough space on your page for all of the adjectives we could use to describe them.  They make us laugh and put smiles on our face every day.  Our house over flows with love because of them.  They are the best!  Lucy is a cockapoo born July 2015 and Blaise is a schnoodle born July 2015. Thank you! The Fontana Family 

So much love and joy with Leno's son Finnegan Tucker! Best thing that ever happened to us. He has quite the personality and is very smart!! The Frankoski Family

It's officially a week with the new pup and I just wanted to say thank you! She's really amazing. Picking up the house training already! Full of energy and curiosity. The work that you did with her is quite evident and I can't thank you enough for going the mile and getting her so well socialized. It's a gift. The Reiff Family 

 I wanted to let you know that Rocky is happy, healthy and has an amazing disposition. My family has absolutely fallen in love! He is so cuddly, sweet and smart that my children and I have had fun training him and house breaking has been easy. The Olivia Family

From my millions of questions you continually answered, to meeting me at the airport with her, to the cute, curious, smart, spunky, personality she has, Hazel and our experience with you has been a complete joy. We're so thankful. The Schneider Family 

So Gracie has turned 4!  She is such a wonderful girl.  She is still the rock star of the neighborhood.  We have 2 grandsons now and she is just the gentlest little girl with them.  Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs!  BTW she is 16# and very healthy. The Rhodes Family

You have made this a perfect puppy experience. You're amazing and Frank and his wife were so sweet. Thank you. Michael and I are thoroughly enjoying Duffy and he's doing so well and getting lots of love. The Fader/Silver Family 

 Anyone considering one of these pups they are awesome! Couldn't be happier with our BarMor puppy🐶❤. The Southwell Family

 I know this is late but here is a recent picture of our little Cody!! He's 5 months old! We love him and he is the best thing that happened to our family! The Heimink Family 

Landyn is doing great! We LOVE her!!!  She is the happiest puppy with the most amazing personality. We get stopped all of the time to ask what kind of pup, that she is beautiful, gentle and adorable.  So many people that follow her on instagram have messaged me to see where we got her! Laura A. 

It’s been a while after you changed our life completely by bringing to our family it’s new member-amazing schnoodle named Busya. I had a few dogs in my life, most of them were big breeds and I thought I had most intelligent dogs, and thought that small breeds can not compare. But when Busya came to our life I realized that she is smartest dog I have ever had! She is not only has a great personality but understands and remembers words, not only commands after training!
She is great companion, best with the kids, easy to train. And you did a great job as a breeder. Our Busya is beautiful and people can not pass by without petting her. She is very friendly but very protective when someone scream or shows any sign of aggression.

Thank you, Daryl, for bringing such a joy into our family life.  The Meshoyrer Family 

Do you currently have a BarMor puppy? Feel free to send us a picture and let us know how they are doing. We will post your feedback here!

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