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Wait List

Our general wait list will require a $100 non-refundable deposit (plus fees if applicable). Once you have been placed on the list, you will be contacted in the order you were placed with offers of upcoming litters or available puppies. You will have THREE opportunities to choose from  a litter.  If you pass,  you will retain your position on the list for the next litter. Once you have declined a third offer, you will be removed from the wait list without further consideration. If you are contacted about an available puppy, or upcoming litter and fail to respond within 24 hours once notification has been sent, you will be removed from the wait list.  Please make sure the email address used to make your payment is active, as that is what will use to  contact you. We are not responsible for missed communications due to inactive email accounts or email filters.  

Please understand we are a small home breeder and can not guarantee specific availability of upcoming litters or  puppies. When placing your deposit, you are guaranteeing an opportunity to select a puppy from a future litter.  We do not guarantee colors, genders, or specific traits for future litters.  When placing your deposit, please understand you could be contacted at any time to select a puppy as we do not guarantee specific timeframes for upcoming litters until they are born. If you would like to be contacted at a specific time for a puppy, Please let us know when placing your deposit via email. ​ 

Please use the paypal button below to be added to the wait list. If you have not contacted us prior to doing so, we will contact you for your preferences and do our best to make sure they are met . Please note all deposits are non-refundable as they are donated to local shelters once they are made. You will be contacted in the same order once litters open or puppies become available.

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